Offering Seminar notes for charting software suggestions

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  1. You can download my seminar notes if you wish ... but please help me find a cheapo or free excellent charting package. This was from a special "invite only" seminar I put on for investor friends on 13March09.

    The notes will only be up a day or so.

    The notes have 60 stocks that since the seminar have produced massive gains and massive earnings ... so the info is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the learned. It has hundreds of charts proofs and economic theory.

    I need to find excellent charting for someone I am training in investing ... so it needs be cheap or free.

    My personal standard is CQG ... I trade currencies now so VT Trader or Dealbook 360 are my platforms of choice that are close to CQG's charting versatility.

    Telechart is way too anemic

    Suggestions please.

  2. Thanks for offering this material. Sorry if I'm obtuse, but who are "Eric Janszen" and "George Sabin"? You, or your colleague(s)?
  3. Eric Janzen is a somewhat unknown Genius Economist.

    I have 5 economists that I present their materials.

    Some unknown guy

    I picked them because of their unique, differing views and historical accuracy and economic modeling theory.

    I agree completely with none of them entirely but all of them partially.

    Dent has sound criteria and hence accuracy ... but has been so far off a few times as to be in the stratosphere.

    Jenzen is part of itulip. I like this guy and the way he thinks (even if it is too closed minded like an accountant) I think he is brilliant ... yet he too has severely missed some recent economic trends while having great success in the past and some recent.

    Roubini is very accurate and recently accurate but I believe is being drawn up into the wishy washy game of political speakery ... he is popular now ... I really don't think his conservative warnings are warning of the dangerous precipice enough ...

    Taleb I know the least about ... yet he alaso has accurate assessments of the economy.

    These are my notes for a seminar ... the majority of what I talked about is not in the notes (Except for the 60 stocks) ... so I extracted what I believed valuable from each of these economists ... especially the unknown guy showing the adjusted Dow and the Three Fed warnings ... and pieced some pretty heady conclusions together for the tiny group of investors I was presenting to.

    I am George
    Here is a cut and paste about me from another post.

    "I retired at 40 after successful years in the penny stock market as one of the top 12 traders.

    My systems were more socio-symbiotic leverage, market tactics, market maker policing and "Big Shark" parasite, Block Buyer trend oriented systems.

    They were not technical at the time as I felt technicals revealed the territory I had already been through and the history of what "deal structuring" had created with my systems and influence.

    Now I have spent the last 10 years perfecting several trade systems that are pure charting and technical that are theoretically and practically much like Gann's system. (You know ... kinda "order out of chaos" ... but not the holy grail.)

    Recently I had put together a mini-seminar proving multiple economic theories and have my notes available for download if people request them.

    My notes are over 200 pages of charts, economic theory and proofs and over 62 stocks that since the report have produced massive gains with huge dividends pays. (Every one was a winner till the recent decline in shipping stocks)

    So I offer this to the learned among you as a token ...

    I however am looking for a quality trading platform as well that has excellent charting software.

    This is for a friend I am training, so it needs be cheap or free.

    My system for him uses:
    -MA Envelopes
    -Trailing stop level based on ATR
    -True strength Index with fast, slow and Histogram.
    -Chande's Momentum

    This system has proven 100% for the last 2 years of testing (with 100% discipline with the rules)

    So ... other than
    -Telechart (which is anemic)
    -CQG (Which is "the standard" for me)
    -Ninjatrader (which I am going to learn this week.

    What other inexpensive charting platforms are there out there?"
  4. Dunno if you have come across Amibroker and thinkorswim.
  5. Ninja Trader is free and is one of the best.
  6. Thank-You ... I have looked at thinkorswim ... a couple years ago and recently. Both time it proved anemic though better than average ... I have Amibroker installed into a "Sandbox" and will attempt to get past what appears a slight lack of intuitive presentation to see if their charting is robust.


    My main goal here is three-fold. First - Provide a platform where I can help a friend retire from a General manager position of a multimillion dollar granite company here in the NW.

    Secondly ... I have been asked to be involved in a take-over attempt with a publicly traded company ... ( I haven't done this in ten years) so I need to start to get some semblance of a presentation ready and feel that clean charts with what I know works ... would help.

    Third ... by the end of this year I want to be ready (if the world does not collapse) to do some speculative plays in the stock market from profits from both the currencies and E-minis. I may create a whole movement like I did before ... but even if I do that I won't play without technicals this time.
  7. Thanks.

    I am looking into them. I have to set up a feed in order to assess their charting ... so amongst the numerous tings that draw my time and attention ... I will be working on setting them up to verify they can properly utilize my system.

    Thanks again.
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    Nextrend very easy to learn.
  9. Thank-you very much.

    I will install them into a sandbox isolation program to test them out.
  10. Well I loaded it up ... for free it is decent but far too anemic on its capabilities and customizations. My charting needs are fairly advanced.

    One feature I really like is the ability to "scrunch" both vertically and horizontally any candlestick chart and do the same with indicator panes. My main 3 verification monitors are dual tall monitors allowing for candlesticks in the top and 3-4 indicators in the bottom screen.

    I really thank you for the input though.
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