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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by bronks, May 20, 2002.

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    Baron, would it be feasible to open a thread strictly for off-topic (trading) discussion? Seems a lot of members have things to say on a wide variety of subjects. Since I believe that traders are somewhat more coherent than the general public, the discussions can be highly regarded and educational or just plain provocative. Plus my own post deletions might be stemmed (can you say ulterior motive) a little. Thanks.

  2. Baron

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    I don't mind hosting a forum for off-topic discussion but I don't want it to dilute the focus of the site. I would be willing to create the forum but the thread titles would not appear on the homepage. They would only be seen on the forum index page at
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    That's a good idea Baron, to keep it as innocuous as possible. Otherwise it will definitely dilute the theme and the essence of Elite Trader. I mean we all know it's going to degenerate into an endless righteous rant about Arabs and Israelis and muslims and terrorists, etc. etc. ad nauseum. And it's not like there aren't thousands of other places on the internet to carry on those political discussions.... :eek:
  4. you still dont get it. It is not a "rant about a certain group". It is a descussion on the geo-political situation that does effect the market.

    From positioning yourself to go long oil futures in the event of a Attack on Iraq, to the shock the system would take, ie market, if the Feds cant flood the market with liquidity again in the event of another massive attack.

    Im just not PC, im a trader, i dont speak as if im trying to tip toe around every single PC rule. FUCK THAT

    I think A off the topic thread might not be that good of an idea. Sure, every once and a while a few post will interject some off the topic deal, but they always seem to get back on track, by the memembers.

    I believe the site is a healthy balance, even if a off the topic thread pops up. A lot of smart members on this board.......a few clowns but overall, I think the members are good and guiding the threads back to topic......
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    may be, may be not :D
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    In your dreams. As moderator of the Professional Firms forum there was a thread started about "Schonfeld shuts doors". A simple trading discussion quickly devolved into ranting and raving about Arabs, Israelis, muslims, etc. etc. for about 8 pgs. I know (and so does Bronks) because I read them all before I deleted them as being completely off-topic.

    I suppose you could justify any discussion as geo-political in nature that affects the markets, etc. But there's a very real difference between how so-and-so might immediately (since, after all, this is Elite Traders, not Elite Investors) affect QCOM or SNDK and....well, ranting and raving as becomes commonplace here with certain members. As I mentioned, it's not like there aren't 1000 other places on the internet for those conversations.

    Magna (it's the new spelling of Magana)
  7. Yes that was out of hand. Same with the French thread(s). But the current thread ("smoke and mirrors" in the Trading forum) has some merit to it but some posts are just arguing. Many of the "investor" issues do affect traders also. If an exchange goes down for whatever reason it affects traders and investors. If liquidity or volatility shifts to a particular market then that is of interest.

    I'm not sure if adding an off-topic area will encourage posting off-topic material there or not. We have enough as it is tagged on the end of legitimate threads. I also don't know if it is possible to move part of a thread (the off-topic part) to the off-topic area. I was on another board and where threads that got way off-topic (even those that started on-topic) were moved to the off-topic area and they died very fast. Not sure if the same would occur here (traders are a different breed).
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    Yes TriPack, I agree. I also agree with what everyone else said. Some kinda conundrum we're in.
  9. i hardly get a wink of sleep at night.....
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    LOL/ If that statement weren't so funny I'd call you a d**k, Pussy.
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