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  1. Dave,

    What happened to the alternate opg strategy that was posted this weekend? Finally, someone comes forward with some new and fresh ideas for trading the open,(maybe not new, but certainly an alternate approach) and because he trades at another firm he is sensored and his post are removed? Care to comment?

  2. I read it, and even responded to it...perhaps Dave moved it somewhere else. So, I didn't do it....

    And, Mike, you know that I know that half these guys trade othe places....I've never been picky like that...heck I've been trying to help "Tony San Diego" for years....LOL

  3. I am not one of don's critics, nor am i one of those traders who changes hats frequently and pops up under a different handle. If you take the time to put on your reading glasses and reread my post you will find that my question was directed at the moderator, since he has the power to remove posts as he sees fit. This was not meant as a veiled attack on your mentor, simply an observation and perhaps a criticism of elite trader.

    My intentions are to explore alternate methods of trading the open. Those posts that were deleted addressed some different tools to prescreen your candidates, and a different method of order placement that had nothing to do with fair value calculations, and how about this... expanding the time frame on the trade from an opg scalp to a longer position trade. You see the bigger money comes not from scalping but from using your fills as an entry point to trade the morning moves in the market. That is the difference between those who make $100 and those who make $500 a day with the strategy.

    One of the problems with this thread is that there are very few ideas being shared, or generated, & no one seems to be "thinking outside the box" All the posters seem to be trapped in a "group think" mentality. You have your critics who attack don and bright , and then you have your cronies, who can't stand the very thought of their mentor being criticized and will defend him until they lose their stake, And then you have the successful minority that actually makes money & gives some great feedback on the strategy. (Maybe a handful of people) No one talks about or addresses alternate strategies, perhaps they don't want their idea being peddled in a "Boot Camp" type course, or maybe they fear diluting their edge. The fact remains that they are ways to make money providing liquidity and taking liquidity on the open, but no one seems to be discussing these alternatives to the standard fair value enveloping plan.

    I am still waiting to here a response from the moderator as to what happened to the posts. I might have them cached on my computer at home, I will check and if so repost the info for all to see.

  4. garyk


    The moderator can speak for himself on moving or removing the posts, but I'd note that this thread is in the Journal section. Don should be able to expect that the thread he has started - "Don's Openings" - would remain centered around his opening order strategy, plus discussion and questions which are pretty much centered around that strategy.

    Your topic is very interesting and a valid post, but it belongs in a separate thread, perhaps with occasional comments and references between the two threads. Yours is not a slight variation of Don's strategy - no fair value calculation, using the opening order to open a longer term position trade, etc. And, if I remember correctly from the posts over the weekend, you're also marketing a service associated with this.

    I'm very interested in what you have to say, but it is distinct enough from Don's strategy that you should start your own Journal and post a BRIEF comment in Don's Openings to compare your strategy with his and refer to your Journal for details.


  5. DaveN


    Hi Mike,

    I don't know. While I do post to this thread, it is technically not my forum (I cover Order Execution) to moderate. I will always respect another moderator's thread and not do anything to it. If there are blatant obscenities or flagrant attacks on individuals, then I'll delete, move, or edit, but not without at least putting a comment in a post as to what I did. That way another moderator doesn't get blamed or attacked for something I did.

    So, this is a long answer to say that I don't know if the posts were deleted or moved. I have no way to see the history of edits.
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    I removed those posts for a number of reasons. First, they were off-topic as this thread is about Don's Openings and if the poster wanted to simply discuss opening strategies he should have started his own thread. Second, they were a thinly veiled attempt at promoting a commercial service with regular references to same. Third, his other thread in the Journals Forum has already been edited and shut down for that reason:

    Maybe his approach was "new" and "fresh" as you say (or at least new and fresh to you), but ET does not permit free promotion nor free advertising. So it's not because he trades at another firm that his posts were removed, but because of the reasons stated above. And if you have questions in the future please PM me rather than have us (incl. Dave) get into a discussion on Don's thread, as I am the moderator of the Journals Forum. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the response...I had mistakenly thought that you were moderating this thread. My apologies.

  8. This is the thread that people discuss trading the open. I was new to posting on here and I apologize if I broke any of the 'rules'. Anyway I signed up for this about a year ago and unlike buying a car I never read the 'small print' for an online forum which I thought was about discussing ideas which should help people improve their trading.

    Instead what I see is that anyone with a new or fresh idea (you KNOW what I wrote about WAS new to 99% of the traders on here) you simply pull the post.

    Someone from Elite Trader asked me to remove in my signature our company name and website URL which I promptly did and yet you STILL removed my posts which I feel are more informative about how I trade than 95% of the posts here.

    I've noticed many people on here mad at Don for not being honest about his motives. I will be honest. I have two motives for being here and I will be upfront about them. I want to create a discussion with people SHARING what they actually do trading. The signal to noise ratio on most Elite Trader's forums is horrible! You should be happy with new people here who actually discuss SPECIFICS of how their plan works.

    AND I want to expose people to new trading techniques and technologies which of course will lead people to want to trade with us since our software is the only one out there that calculates and plots probability bands on charts.


    If I post and give away some of my techniques that work and that creates discussion on ways to improve them or I hear an idea I wasn't aware of, it has improved my trading. Just one idea may give you just a little better edge but if I can prevent 1 extra losing trade a month or find a way to get into my trades at a better price point, than the time for me and others on this forum will be well spent. I do NOT think that reading most of the attacks back and forth is why people are on here.

    So anyway I have removed my signature and will not make any mention of my company name or website nor give my phone number HOWEVER I do plan to discuss opening orders which is WHY we are all here in the first place.

    Tomorrow I will actually give MY opening order stocks and prices I'm putting out BEFORE the market opens. I know my strategy works and will post them for a week or so every day before market open so that everyone else can see a new technique that Don's "follow the leader" lemming like traders have not been able to screw up.

    My strategy is a lot more sophisticated than just throwing out orders based on Futures pre market % movement times the stocks beta and personally I'm happy about all the inexperienced traders Don's bringing on board. I agree with him about that and thank him. I'll be happy to take their money! :)

    Chris Donnell
  9. As i discussed earlier, too many people on here think alike, including the moderators. Here's a thought, why not delete out the links and keep the substance of the post, almost as easy(simple cut and paste)as deleting, but you can still keep the relevant OPG strategy info. Judging by the PM's i rec'd, It was/is relevant information and yes it should be included in any discussion of OPG orders and others would like to learn more.

    As far as this "journal" as you call it, mass marketing tool for bright as others call it, or educational forum on the OPG play as i call it, I think this thread is more than merely a summary of don's trades. It has grown to a discussion of trading the OPG. And any input from other traders should not only be welcomed, but encouraged. But, if this meant to be just for Don's opgs, then I will excuse myself from this "journal" and perhaps start my own thread on this subject, or maybe just avoid wasting my time all together. I haven't made my mind up yet.

    As for whether or not is was a fresh approach, not even debatable. I hope that even you realize that an old approach left alone for a while can and often begins to work again. Sometimes, we need to be reminded to take a look at these seasoned strategies once again.

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    A temporary new thread has been created as the only way to collect the off-topic posts from Don's Opening thread without simply deleting them. While some here believe Chris' ProTradingSystems strategy(s) to be "new" and "fresh" others don't, as evidenced by many posts on this thread:

    Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but in any case any further discussions of it don't belong in Don's thread. Chris has told me that he intends to start a new thread to discuss opening strategies in general, and that there will be no attempts at promotion, etc. I think that many people are looking forward to it as long as promises are kept.
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