OFF TOPIC: I wish I were born an American

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  1. There are so many countries out there on this tiny planet we call earth, but there is only one country in recent history that can claim it fought for freedom.

    I hope some day, my offspring can say they were born "American".

    No matter what your occupation may be - if you were born an American, life has granted you an advantage.

    God bless America (wishes you a European).
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  3. If its off topic put in chit chat.. is not that hard.. Really its not.
  4. We get a lot of Americans in Australia who REALLY do believe this claptrap. They eventually realise that we don't love them as much as they love themselves:D
  5. what are you an albanian

    LOL :D :D
  6. They don't speak, read or write English in Albania (Typical American Idiot thinks everyone else is the same as they are)
  7. He can't help it if he is Albanian...

    A pig can't help it if it is a pig...:p
  8. Watching from Europe, this is my conclusion as well, most people disagree with me though.
  9. Is any of this supposed to be funny?
  10. I believe so.

    Here is an extra one. George W Bush, best president we ever have.
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