of two sides of the trade

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    I remember the early years quite well learning how to day trade, carpenter was coming around monthly to fix the walls/ceiling after I thrown keyboards/monitors at them. The worst was I lost $10k like in eight seconds and grabbed what I thought was my lucky ball (whiffle ball), but it was a super ball and slammed that thing at the wall...I woke up in the hospital with a concussion!!! Friends visiting me all brought a dozen sponges, LOL...

    My favorite line each month back then was "I am so close", searching for the magical "edge". Everyone has different meaning for edge, just comes down to experience level I think.

    Music - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song) was awesome.
  2. huh?

    a super ball put you in the hospital?

    that would make one hell of a blowup story

    "well, I had a full position on but knocked myself out with a super ball"

    "and while I was unconscious the market tanked and my account was blown up"

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    Superball was one I had bought in the 70's and it wasn't the small ones they have now, it was at least 2 inches across and hard, LOL. I had a stop and lost a few points of slippage on the old S&P500 at $500 a point. After that I was throwing the sponges, carpenter didn't have to make any more trips.
  4. lol
  5. LOL

    good thing they've made superballs smaller nowadays...

    now the worst that would happen is you'd put an eye out

    but everything would be ok because you'd still have the other eye free to close out your positions.

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    Johnny Rocket might claim he was trading 'with trend' and everything. Bought the dip. Julie Woolie there was trading countertrend! No fair!

    Where is my super ball!
  7. LOL