# of Supported processors in Windows

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  1. duard


    Windows Version
    Maximum Physical Processor Limit Maximum Logical Processor Limit
    Windows XP Home Edition 1 2
    Windows XP Professional 2 4
    Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition
    4 8 Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition
    8 16
    Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition
    32 32

    I looked long for this info and thought I'd share it Re: Windows software version and # of supported physical vs. logical processors. That is HT or Dual-Core.

    HT and Dual-core = 1 physical processor as recognized by windows.

    For instance XP Home = license for one physical CPU and 2 logical (that is one HT cpu or one dual-core CPU)

    XP Pro = 2 physical 4 logical

    Server = 4 to 32 depending on version.

    Hope this helps somebody with their set-ups.
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    Thanks it does. Mulling a separate dual processor box for radarscreen.
  3. What's about Windows 2000 Pro?