# of NYSE stocks on the S&P500???

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  1. Can you tell me the number of NYSE stocks on the SP500 and the number of NASDAQ stocks on the SP500 and if any AMEX stocks on the SP500...obviously, very easy to determine the % of NYSE traded on the Dow as their are only 30 stocks...thanks for your help in advance..really appreciate it...or direct me to a link that shows that kind of info...but, not where I would have to count them all per exchange myself...
  2. ?
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    Here's a list
  4. thanks...but does anyone know the exact % of NYSE stocks and exact % of NASDAQ stocks?....counting this manually could take all Saturday...:eek:
  5. It is a very small percentage (does that help?)
  6. what exact % for each?
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    73 nasdaq (14.6%)
    427 nyse (85.4%)
  8. thanks Sir...may I ask where you got this needed information?...thanks!!!!...Inow
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    reuters screener
  10. being that lazy, I highly doubt you have a future in trading
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