% of es volume traded by black box systems?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Jaysal555, May 25, 2009.

  1. anyone got a link or any info? i've heard 40% and 80%. im sure someone out there has an accurate number
  2. JackR


    Do you mean "Black Box" or "Automated (Algorithmic) Trading System"(ATS) ? Sometimes the terms are used as synonyms. Such usage is incorrect in my opinion. At one time these definitions applied:

    1) a black box program is one in which you have no idea of how the trade entry and exit signals are derived.
    2) a gray box where you are given some idea of how the box arrives at its signals, e.g., a moving average crossover setup control, triggered by a rate of change that exceeds some figure. The actual moving average types, periods, rate of change velocity, are not revealed.
    3) a white box where the systems are fully disclosed and provide complete details of their operation.

    An ATS can be black, gray, or white.

    ATS's can be fully automated, that is turned on and run without human intervention, or partially automated with varying degrees of human startup, intervention, and shutdown.

    Try Googling "Automated (or Algorithmic) Trading Systems"