OEX Weekly's - Holy cow! 500 close!

Discussion in 'Options' started by adam772, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. adam772


    So I entered a limit order for a credit call spread and a credit put spread on the OEX weeklys that expired today-

    I sold the 500 call and bought the 505 call for a .40 credit. 108 contracts. Once I got into this position, I left my computer...

    cam back and I then entered a limit order to sell the 500 put/ and buy the 495 put for a $2 credit.
    30 contracts.

    (due to an emergency that came up,I got busy and totally forgot about my positions and order ..anyways. just got back to see that it closed exactly at 500!!!!! all my positions expire worthless for a +$10,000 gain !!
  2. This is the internet that kind of stuff happens all the time. The number of people who hit the lottery and need to post that here is uncanny. I also wonder how there could be more Ferrari's owned by web board memebers then ever produced.
  3. And I bet that you're better looking than Brad Pitt and hung to your knees!
  4. It's because I sell all of my old Ferraris at deep discounts :cool:
  5. clacy


    Me personally....... I'm the opposite. I take all the credit for my winners and blame all my losers on the internet, fat fingers, etc.

    You got it all backwards bro.....

  6. I am a Porsche guy, but in terms of big dollars mine are not all that expensive and I have a lot more into them then they will ever be worth.
  7. No they're not big dollar cars and yes thats my dog hamming it up in my driveway
  8. sub0


    Congrats, be sure to play the lotto today, might be your lucky day!
  9. adam772


    well folks, right there is the main problem with most posters on ET. Someone posts a good trade, and then theres ten replies complaining how its not true. Instead of posting over and over how its not true, why not try and learn other peoples strategies or discuss the specifics of the trade?? No way, then u might actually learn something.
  10. erol


    I think if you posted the info excluding the size and net profit then people could discuss as you "intended".

    But your post could be interpreted as bragging... Which rarely makes friends.

    Congrats on the trade.
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