OEX or something else?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Slim Harpo, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Is the OEX still a very popular option if one wants to play market direction or is there something newer or more popular if I wanted to say buy a Call if I felt bullish on the overall market?

    My option playing is very simple..I buy Calls if I'm bullish on a stock and Puts if I'm bearish..(always very short term plays)...but I play individual stocks...So if I was say bullish on the overall market, what option (American style) would you option players recommend?
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    Not like it was and its got its own CBOE personality;

    Compare it to multiple listed exchanges like SPY,QQQQ.

    Wonder why August atm call dropped $7 to .05 today;
    maybe a bad quote,July atm call didnt drop near that much???
  3. oex is old school.
    es is new.
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    Back in the late 80's early 90's the OEX were THE index options to play. If you mean popular as in tight bid/ask spreads,
    not the last I looked. You may want to look at QQQQ options. They have some of the tightest spreads I've noticed.
  5. Thank you for the very informative replies..I appreciate each one..When I first discovered options many years ago it was the OEX that was highly traded as others here have stated...I didn't even have a computer then and use to trade the OEX with Waterhouse touch-tone trading...

    Fast forward..............I took years away from options to devote my time to other things and recently when I decided to play around again with options I have mostly stuck to individual stocks. But I am thinking of an index and that is why I asked about the OEX..as already been mentioned, it is old school (like me..lol)

    I have looked at those QQQQ and that seems to be a good vehicle I am searching for in addition to individual stock plays..

    Thanks again and may your next trade be a winning one..