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Discussion in 'Options' started by Jay Evans, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Jay Evans

    Jay Evans

    Anyone know of good alert signal services that teach and provide signals for the OEX?

  2. there are none, don't waste your time; if u push buy/sell buttons blindly u get better odds.
    u dont stand a chance in this biz if leave shills to take care of your tradin': be responsible for your decisions, take responsability for losin' money and learn somethin' from it.
  3. ozzy


    What a novel idea. Get signals and get dirty fucking rich !!???

    Why didn't I think of that?? :confused:

    Thanks so much for starting this thread and inspiring me to sign up for a signal service. You are a life saver. Now I don't have to do any work myself. I can watch tv and eat cheetos all day long.

    Thanks buddy.
  4. Jay Evans

    Jay Evans

    I've been using www.oexoptions.com with great success, but haven't found any other service of any value except just to show me what they think to be directional bias and a simple signal.
    These guys teach how to use pivot points and ATR pretty well. Was hoping to find other services like this also.
  5. ozzy


    oooo gawd

    how about you and www.oextakemyshittysignal.com lick my big manly balls???

    how about that for a signal?

    you like that ?? yeah you like it !!
  6. cud it be a (failed) manipulated spammin' attempt?
    hmm.. maybe he really ought to lick us all balls after all.
  7. ozzy


    I don't understand why they don't just get to the point and spam the website right away. It's like watching a porno with all the acting and drama. I don't want to see them act I want to see them get jiggy.

    Comon spammers get your act together. I want direct spams not this indirect, storyline approach.
  8. I wanna sign up for the 'Level 4 advanced service'!

    $3,000 per quarter sounds great to me!! Where do I sign up???

  9. 3000 bucks??
  10. hey lizardlegs--congrats on lowerin' your merdoso website to a whole new level; if before u cudnt get enough suckers to sign up for your scam, now with your handicapped post be sure u'll get none.
    great job sparkbutt.
    #10     Mar 13, 2006
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