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Discussion in 'Options' started by roncer, Dec 9, 2006.

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    I currently trade OEX options with IB but I use Trade Station for my data. What I am wondering is how many OEX option contracts does a person have to trade using the TS entry platform and RJ O'Brien brokerage in order to get the normal TS data fee ($99) waived?

    From my experience so far trading the mini futures with the TS platform is not fun.

    All comments appreciated.

  2. www.tradestation.com

    I do not know the answer off the top of my head but it is plastered all over TS's website :D
  3. How are the fills in OEX?
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    Fills on the OEX are general slow up to a minute for confirmation often yet sometimes they are almost instantaneous. So I guess one could say that they are erradic and lack consistancy.

    Anybody else have anything to share on this?
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    Yeah OK I dug a little at the TS site and came up with the following:

    *Reimbursement shall be limited to 10 equities trades of 2000 shares or fewer each, 50 options contracts traded, or 10 round-turn futures contracts executed through TradeStation.

    So I guess a phone call will be appropriate for full clarity.

  6. If you trade 50 or more OEX index options contracts in less than a month, the fee is waived.
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    Thanks. What do you think of their trading platform and fills etc. Do you find it hard to use? I tried it some with ES mini's and didn't like it much compared to IB platform that I am very use to.
  8. Actually never used TradeStation. A friend of mine does and I just asked him for you, but he just uses it for equities.
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    OK DeltaSpread....Thanks