OECTrader realtime balance often wrong

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by lianjieman, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. My OECTrader realtime balance "Net Liq" often gave me wrong value. Does anyone have same problem?
  2. What did OEC have to say about it?
  3. I haven't got any response from them yet. just want to know if it's just my problem or not.

  4. Gotcha. Let us know please. No issues here...yet.
  5. i'm just curious, but how much is it off by? just a few dollars or a significant %?
  6. It seems to be proportional to the open positions I have. I haven't observed long enough to see the rules. I hope someone else may shed some light on this. The dollar amount could be large if you have large positions.
  7. I doubt that the balance is 'wrong'. You'll need to check what margins your account is set to and what other restrictions, if any, OEC may have on your positions.

    Get on the chat and ask. That's what it's there for. Email could take longer whereas the chat can happen right there.
  8. It's always dead on for me. If you are holding T-Bills in your account (a nice OEC option btw), you only get credited for 95% of t-bill value until it matures.
  9. Hold the phone! I had no idea they allowed that. Can they facilitate the transactions or do you have to deliver them in?
  10. if later in the day, your positions and balances can be way off since some disappear "after hours"
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