OEC/Tradestation EasyLanguage Strategy

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  1. Anyone interested in the EasyLanguage Strategy I use with OpenECry's Platform? This is a 100% mechanical or automated system used to trade that I coded myself. It is proprietary as the formula is mine, I didn't use any type of indicator/moving average/other junk that already exists. As you can see winning trade percents are always around 90% no matter what time period is used. The system is almost always in a trade as can see from the pictures.
  2. Mini S&P 500 (ES) backtest, 4 hour time period, 10k initial investment, 10 contracts per trade...
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  3. Mini Nasdaq 100 (NQ) backtest, same setup...
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  4. Mini Dow (YM), same setup...
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  5. More pudding... 5 min time period, 38 day backtest...
  6. Equity Curves always look like ...
  7. 5 min NQ backtest 38 days (when all the volume shifted from previous contract month)...
  8. Previous backtest equity curve (NQ 5 min)...
  9. Nice work,

    Looks like a promising trend follower.
  10. If anyone has an equally as good strategy I am willing to share. Also if you anyone wants to get the code send me a pm.
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