OEC to offer Forex

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  1. posting from my phone so i cant copy paste.

    anyway i just got an email saying theyre upgrading their software and will allow forex trading in a couple weeks.

    anyone know if theyre gonna be an ECN or allow variable lot sizes?
  2. They just update demo to 3.3. the only real improvement i see is FX integrated. I am hoping I can transfer my p/l in Euro back from USD easier. Everytime I need to do so, I have to email and call them.

    I was hoping they improve the strategy, which they didn't touch a thing on it.
  3. im gonna call them next week and ask:

    what the order routing for fx is (ecn or bucket shop)

    fx spreads

    how fx commissions will work

    if short pairs pay interest

    if you can trade in whatever size you want (a la oanda)

    assuming the answer to all those questions is good, this could be cool. OEC is a legit broker and i hope they don't screw things up by joining the fx game.
  4. funny - their website said nothing about this, even in the news section
  5. yeah i checked there last night when i got back to my computer and there was nothing.

    their email said more forex details coming soon.
  6. Has anyone tried the FX demo yet? They don't have much (if anything) on their website about it and I tried downloading it but got a message that I have already used up my demo period.
  7. Alright I just talked to them.

    OEC: It will not be an ECN
    OEC: Commissions will be PIP based and as low as 1-2 pips on the popular pairs
    OEC: At OEC FX, you pay no commissions to trade. Your only transaction cost is the dealing spread.
    OEC: With spreads as low as 1-2 pips for most major currency pairs, OEC FX offers some of the most competitive pricing in the business.

    Here's a link to their spreads page:

    So they're a MM :/
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    Who are they white-labeling?
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    Gain, too bad. "we gaurantee everything" ***unless we don't ;)