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  1. I had my OEC account open. Around 11:10pm PST my account balance got screwed up. All of a sudden $1500 from my account went missing. I looked at the statement that are sent each night and everything seems correct. I was wondering if any OEC's customer have the same problem as me.
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    I might stop complaining about IB's TWS releases that break things...

    Do you use a whitelisting hardware firewall? There is no other way to secure a windows computer and prevent password theft... you can believe all the stuff that the blacklisting industry tells you and the conventional wisdom about security but I'v proven it all wrong, take my word for that....

    Every time something goes wrong you might have been hacked or OEC might have screwed up... but if you know you weren't hacked that's one less thing to consider.. so don't get hacked...
  3. Ouch, so sorry. I appreciate you posting this as I am debating the plunge to go with OEC for $3.30 RT. I just can't pass it up, but now maybe I can. Seems some unhappy about the last software upgrade too.
  4. No balance problem, however since updating yesterday morning I can not get any quotes. My account was also restriced from trading for no reason last week. I called to see why my trades were being rejected and was told my account was restriced, but they could not tell me why. They lifted the restriction which was great, but I have lost all confidence in them and I have left. He just kept telling me I must have had a margin call. I don't hold positions overnight so that is impossible.
  5. I think they use double the standard margin, 1k per contract. Some brokers go to overnight margin 15 min before actual emini close most at emini close? Hmm interesting.
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    You should give us a look. E-Mail me your volume and I can get you a quote.

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    hey dummy, just because your computer is "hacked" doesnt mean 1500 magicly is removed from your account at OEC to another persons bank account
  8. I only trade 1 ES at a time and have sufficient funds to hold overnight, I just don't. They also never communicated any margin call to me so I know their answer was BS. They really need to clean up their act. There are so many firms out there to choose from.
  9. My computer is not hacked. This is a monthly recurring problem. I go thru Cannon Trading using the OEC platform. It seems that only Cannon Trading customers have this issue. The problem corrected itself after one day but it is a pain to record my balance everyday to make sure they don't short change me when they correct the problem.