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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by veggen, Nov 12, 2008.

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    Anybody know how to color-paint the bars with the conditions below in the OEC - plattform?

    1. - If bar closes higher than open = green.
    2. - If the bar closes higher than open & closes higher than last bars high = dark green.
    3. - If bar closes lower than open = pink
    4. - If bar closes lower than open & closes lower than last bars low = dark red.

    I have tried using the "color" feature on my plattform, but I am just not able to figure out which words to use so that it understands what I want. That is: rule 1 and 3 I manage, but rule 2 and 4 is out of my league!

    I have talked to tech-support, twice. One guy told me that rule 2 and 4 was impossible using "color - feature", and the other guy directed me towards 7 and 8 of the Custom Indicators guide - which was of no help.

    (rule 1)
    if Bar Open < Bar Close set color to Green
    (rule 2)
    if (Bar Open < Bar Close) and (Bar Close > Bar High[1]) set color to dark green
    (rule 3)
    if Bar Open > Bar Close set color to Ping
    (rule 4)
    if (Bar Open > Bar Close) and (Bar Close < Bar Low[1]) set color to Red
    (rule 5)
    if Bar Open=Bar Close set color to White

    Anybody here have this as a custom indicator, or have done this using the "coloring " - feature?

    Thanks for all your help.

  2. First moving averages, then hull moving averages, then HH/HL label, and now this. Just jumping from one thing to the next? Good luck.
  3. veggen


    Yeah I guess I am jumping from one thing to the next.
    But no harm done in that is there??

    This is a place where IMO, I find nothing wrong in asking for a bit of help. In fact I think a lot of the purpose, and the beauty of this community is the fact that traders give fellow traders a helping hand. I know I have been asking a lot, but that is because the OEC - plattform is not using the same codes as "tradestation" and other famous plattforms, where there are thousands of different indicators all over the web, ready to download. And I have no "coding" skills at all, so I am not able to convert them.

    But if I offended anybody with asking for help, which I doubt, than I apologize for that..

  4. But you havent even attempted to do this on your own. If you really want this done, and dont want to learn how to do it yourself, then find a coder and pay them, instead of just asking for someone to do it for free for you.

    Helping someone is one thing, doing the whole coding project is totally different.
  5. Ok, well I'm not sure why the OEC tech told you that some of those criteria couldnt be done. Here it is:

    <IMG src=http://i33.tinypic.com/2iusxu1.png width=800>

    I attached the files, do yourself a favor and look at the code and see what I did. Really wasnt that hard or even that involved. Combined with the other indicators I've put on here plus reading the easylanguage PDF's, you should be well on your way.

    I made it four different indicators, so it would be easier for you to see what is going on. Also, you dont need anything for rule 5. Just make the bars on the chart white.
  6. veggen


    I have tried and I am still trying, and I am in the process of learning EL. But when starting from the very schratch it will take som time.

    And all I have done is asked if someone out there do have these codes allready! It is not like I have asked someone to write me a trading plan. These are just very simple basic indicators that I am wondering if anybody have on their OEC plattform, and maybe would like to post here on ET.
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    :) Thank you! I really do owe you another one!
  8. veggen


    Trader273, would you recommend me learning c# or EL?
  9. I guess it depends on what you want to do and how much time you want to spend on it. I don't know any C#, so I dont really have an idea how long it might take to learn.

    However, I do know a little of EL and that was just by looking at examples on the internet and those pdf's I mentioned. It seems that the newer charting softwares are being coded in C#, so it probably would be best to learn that.

    But it all comes down to what you want to accomplish with your coding. Is it just to make some indicators then Id stick with EL ( i would then probably invest in TS or MC). If you want a full out automated system or some higher level analytics I would then go for C#.