OEC platform cash upload problem?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by masterm1ne, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Anyone experience something similar?

    After 4:15 yesterday ( when I get the pdf statement ) , I made several more winning trades, and somehow they think my cash balance is less...

    Live support says they have to wait till the cash upload is done later today... Never heard of that before, it's always done instantaneously right???

    I am sure most of you can imagine how angry this makes me. :mad:
  2. Here's an SS of trade log...
  3. Shagi


    You can't be serious please $1500 equity?
  4. I was waiting for someone to make that remark... I am really confident in my strategy... 80% + winning trade percent over 10+ years ES data.

    To day trade 1 NQ contract it's $ 350 and tick moves are $5 dollars. It's pretty simple money management. Just cause I don't obey your or anyone else's "rules" doesn't mean I'm foolish.
  5. Shagi


    Thats all good, every man for himself.:D
  6. :cool:
  7. looks about right to me... the trades after 4:15pm post the next day. Looks like you have $300 realized today as of 7:00am. You made $152 yesterday... Nice returns...

    What seems off?