OEC openecry

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  1. There's a handful of us on here that use OEC I think.

    You can find some info here as well.

    Execution - not an issue.
    Reliability - has been great.
    Platform/data - free to live accounts, nice platform. Can plug data into other charts if you need to.
  2. Thanks for the info. I will check it out more.
  3. dete49


    I have used OEC and they have been good. The platform is a little difficult at first but they have excellent support,when I called in.
  4. Shagi


    No connectivity - platform down :mad:
  5. Yep, some issue today for sure. Go figure, it's been so good for awhile now.
  6. jjrvat


    Some???. Come on they have been screwing their customers the last 24 hours. I have contact support 20 times, phone, email, live chat, etc and they don't have a clue what is going on. Platform and feed down, and the few minutes is up is lagging badly.

    They just apologize and said " Our IT team is aware of the issue ...", and forget if you are Asian or European costumer, there is nobody to help until US open and even there the staff has been severely reduced. I also ask to fill a formal complain but apparently they don't have that available is just a random guy without any authority or trading or IT knowledge saying that he doesn't know what is going on or when is going to be fix.

    This is enough for me, this time they went too far. I will highly recommend to look somewhere else and think twice if you want to open an account with them.

  7. Couldn't even trade the ES today. I had data lapses for 45 mins at the open. If i can't see an accurate read out of price bars during the open, I can't trade it, pure and simple.

    And while looking at teh data right now, they've yet to fill in that data !

    That is more than unacceptable if you ask me.
  8. I have a back up system with another broker, but still have to call in trades to OEC....

    Unfortunately, this is the last straw....will move account and use OEC as back up..

  9. Yep, I'm with Global Futures with OEC for clearing.

    That's two days in a row that I'm out of business (on a short week mind you). And, of course, yesterday I WOULD have made some money had I been able to actually place a f***ing order...

    Should of went with RCG for clearing...sigh...
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