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  2. Here you go.


    Just import file to My Docs-Custom Indicators-Imported

    Restart OEC.
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    If anyone's interested/willing/able, a similar request for OEC Trader --- how about the Fisher Transform? Not being a coder at all makes developing stuff even more challenging, and when I look @ Easylanguage all I see is Greek.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    *puppydog eyes*
  4. do you have the el code?
  5. rickf


    I have what I *think* is the EL code, will dig it up and post back here in a bit. Thx!
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    Here's what I think is the EL code.

    Source via Google Cache and some add'l background on the indicator:


    Inputs: Price((H+L)/2),
    Vars: MaxH(0),
    MaxH = Highest(Price, Len);
    MinL = Lowest(Price, Len); 
    Value1 = .33*2*((Price - MinL)/(MaxH - MinL) - .5) + .67*Value1[1];
    If Value1 > .99 then Value1 = .999;
    If Value1 < -.99 then Value1 = -.999; 
    Fish = .5*Log((1 + Value1)/(1 - Value1)) + .5*Fish[1]; 
    Plot1(Fish, "Fisher");
    Plot2(Fish[1], "Trigger");
  7. Here ya go:
    Make sure to select "Create in new area"

    I dont know if anyone really knows this, but in OEC its really easy to use EL. Just go to Plug ins- Show Library - Right Click - New Easy language indicator. Then copy and paste whatever code you want and then compile.
  8. rickf


    Thanks much!

    I tried that, importing an Easylanguage thing, and I got errors galore when it went to compile. After the 3rd or 4th attempt, I gave up and posted here.

    I wish OEC would allow an ELD import - gods know there are tons of stuff (indicators and strategies) precompiled already, especially for us non-programmers.

    Thanks again very much for this. I sincerely appreciate your help!
  9. Doesn't look smooth enough to be Hull.

    Here it is on OEC compared with on Sierra.

    Same value, same calculation based on close of bar.
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