OEC futures broker?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by cashmoney69, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Anyone use these guys? I have been using the demo for a while, and cant really say anything bad, but of course demo and the real thing arnt really the same.

    your thoughts....
  2. Depends on what kind of trading you are doing. Not a bad broker all in all. Great starter broker I would say. Demo and real thing are almost identical except the real one has a lot of software issues and frequently shuts down or certain markets wont work which really sucks (used to trade schatz back in the day in pretty high frequency and they lost the eurex connection which set me back a few bucks)

    all in all I would say they are alright though
  3. svrart


    They were my broker a few months ago. I had two problems with them - a "foreign" charge for every trade, and an overnight fee for contracts held overnight for every contract, every day.

    Other things were quite good.
  4. How much was that "foreign" and overnight fee ? same for all contracts ?
  5. svrart


    Foreign fee was approx 80c per contract. Overnight was approx 20c per day per contract. Its been a few months so I dont remember the exact numbers.
  6. per side or per roundturn ?
  7. svrart


    Forgot - yes, same for all contracts.
  8. I use OEC, and am not having the downside others are describing, 99% reliable here.

    I do not hold overnight so cannot comment on overnight fee's. Sounds like it may have just been a foreign thing.

    Execution speed is instantaneous with market orders, so no problem there either.

  9. dunadain


    OEC still charges overnight fees, even for U.S. traders.