OEC Demo - optimistic fills or a scam?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by slowcpa, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. slowcpa


    i have been trading with IB for a year and thought i would test drive some other platforms. i chose open e cry due to cost and the reviews here. i have been using it for a few days and have found the system filling my limit orders (exits) while the price is still 4-5 ticks away (YM). on a few occasions the price has reversed 5 ticks before hitting my target but yet it was still filled. the charts on both ib and oec show that the price never made it to my target. i am way more profitable with open e cry then i ever was at ib.
    anyone experience this? are they just trying to bait me with a stellar performance using their demo. can i expect this kind of service with a real account?
  2. Demo's are simulated fills.

    Another issue is their open P/L. Off by the spread.
  3. jimbob42


    I have been using the demo as well and have found those problems/quirks as well.

    I like the platform but want to be real sure about it before using real money
  4. rickf


    Their live platform is, as far as I can tell, fine. Been live for a few weeks (finally!) and am impressed with the data and order fills. A slip here or there (probably due to operator error on the DOM) but nothing I'd worry about as a retail trader.