OEC dead in the water this AM?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by indahook, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Anybody having issues with OEC this morning? I downloaded the mandatory upgrade and now cannot even log in. I`m running REDI+ just fine....so its not me.
  2. Yep, OEC crapped out right before the opening at about 9:10-9:15am. They forced a mandatory upgrade after the close on Friday and lo and behold this happens... Haven't had a single problem with them for months...

    The *really* bad part was that the platform never showed it was disconnected. I just happened to notice that my ES chart was not synced up to another broker and called OEC. The person I spoke with wasn't even aware the system was down and this was 20 minutes after it happened. Nice!
  3. Thanks Brock. And thank goodness I dont hold O-nights in that account. Hope your okay or hedged elsewhere.
  4. I had a bad feeling on Friday about the "mandatory" upgrade... Guess I should go buy a lotto ticket tonight too

    Hope OEC gets their act together soon... still down after 1 hr
  5. I uploaded new version on saturday...worked fine early this morning... got a temporary lost connection @ approx 9.25 and cannot get back in...just check still n good
  6. Still dead.

    Even if they do come back up today, theres no way I trade (read: spend commission dollars OEC staff). I would not feel comfortable opening a position with OEC at this point in time.
  7. Shagi


    Dead and buried:(
  8. juanmon


    I seem to be up and running (10:42 am), but will continue to watch for outages.
  9. Connected but no data
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