OEC adding momentum bars and range charts revision

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by brownsfan019, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. There's been some discussion TL about some changes OEC is doing and I thought I'll post it here as well.

    1) OEC is adding 'momentum' based range bars.

    2) OEC's version of range bars will better mimic what the industry uses.

    Testing is currently being done.

    There's been discussions in the past about how OEC constructs range bars, so this new implementation may help with that.

    And to help those wondering who is OEC, here you go. You'd be surprised how many PM's I get asking that.

  2. rickf


    How are things over at OEC, brownsfan? I know you've been there for a while ... I stopped trading there about a year ago when they had a bunch of data problems, but I kept my account active because they did offer a great range of contracts.

    I've been looking for range / constant value bars for a while now, so this might be good reason to perhaps start trading there again.
  3. jtnet


    how about an equalized continuous chart for futures ?

    also a daily volume profile and composite profile similar to TT, the "histogram" oec uses, makes no sense on the time period its sampling
  4. how about adding the option to shift start of the time based candles.

    1 hour candles start for example at 8:30. Every other software it starts at whole hours
  5. Data has been fine (knock on wood). This forum would be lighting up with complaints if it was acting up. I can't recall the last time there was a data issue. Hopefully all that is behind them now.

    They've offered range bars for awhile but some did not like how they were constructed. It will be more in line w/ the industry now.
  6. You can change the start and end times of the charts.
  7. rickf


    Thx brownsfan.

    For the record, you're one of the oldest (longevity) OEC traders I know of since joining them in 2007. :)
  8. that's not the same:mad:
  9. v3.5.0.9 on simulation has been updated and now offers revised range bars and now momentum bars. If this rollout goes as expected, it should hit production next Friday (after the close) I was told.