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    Well, here we go. This will be my first post in an ongoing account of my trading career or self implosion, whichever happens first. I have read that it is a good idea to keep a record of all things great and small during my trek. So, I will give it a shot

    The journey will be finally commencing on Sept. 13, when I begin the Bright training program & follow it up with the boot camp (spare me the replies, I have chosen Bright & that is my decision for now. Sometimes I need to learn the hard way.)

    I will be leaving a fairly decent job at a Wealth Mangement firm. My main job is research as a portfolio assistant, although I do place all the trades for my branch office. I made the strategic decision to give them 8 weeks notice (definitely poor strategy), and have been feeling the effects ever since. Oh well, Las Vegas here I come.

    My time is very constrained. I am pursuing my degree, studying for my CFA & trying to devour trading books like crazy. My favorites so far are two by Van Tharp and two book by Tom Dorsey ( I am an avid fan of P&F and are rereading these.)

    Oh well that is enough for today,
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    Let me be the first to wish you good luck. I hope to start my own journey in a little while. How old are you if you don't mind telling? Also what made you choose Bright over other prop firms? Where do you live now?

    I am just getting into trading myself (will be graduating from college in December) so I am very interested in how your journey goes.

    Do you plan to trade with Bright in Las Vegas after your camps are finished or are you just doing the camps for the learning experience?
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    I am 34 years old.

    The two biggest reasons for choosing Bright were financial security and the training. Big is not always better, but in this case I decided to go with the industry leader for peace of mind. As for the training, I felt that this was the most important thing to help me get started. I plan on doing the camps and then am leaving my self open. I currently live near Chicago, but will move to Vegas if necessary. It all depends how important I feel the tradinging atmosphere in the Vegas office is to my success.
  4. just a modest 2c piece of advice:

    f the degree, f the CFA, etc. for now. f stands for forget :) Trading will take all of YOU and more. And if you try to shortchange it even a penny, it will chew you and spit you out like nobody's business.
  5. mike ... what makes you think Bright is Industry leader?

    there are many firms out there that have top traders

    also ... what makes you think equity trading is the only way to go?

    maybe an internship in chicago / nyc with a top prop futurues

    going for an mba while working at a top tier investment bank or boutique hedge fund and trying to learn some of their strategies?

    well ... if you bust out in Vegas ... at least I hear the food is good
    and cheap !

    good luck to you
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    You are correct. It is only my perception that Bright is an industry leader, because it meets my criteria.
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  8. Mike5885. Please add to your list of great books Mark Douglas' two. The BEST, IMO.
  9. If possible, focus everything on trading.

    I traded/learned while at a fulltime job.

    When I took time off, I always learned more in 5 - 10 days than I did for months trying to trade from work.
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    Well, I did it. Completed my 8 weeks of hell at my former job.

    Vegas here I come. I will be leaving Saturday, taking a nice leisurely drive west.

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