Odumbo blames GOP for higher gas prices

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Stok, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Stok


    The worst President this Country has even seen is back at his blame game:


    This weasel will blame is own mother if he needed to. VOTE HIM AND HIS LIBERAL CRONIES OUT OF OFFICE! These people have NEVER had REAL jobs or understand economics! They just understand how to blame, play class warfare, play racism, and blow the unions for votes.
  2. JamesL


    'The American people aren't stupid," thundered President Obama yesterday in Miami, ridiculing Republicans who are blaming him for rising gasoline prices. Let's hope he's right, because not even Forrest Gump could believe the logic of what Mr. Obama is trying to sell.

    Yes, America is THAT stupid. People hear what they want to hear.
  3. OP is still easily fooled by the fake two-party system. He's probably part of these people.
  4. 377OHMS


    Worst. President. Ever.
  5. pspr


    After we throw him out of office I hope he goes and lives in Europe or maybe Gaza. Both of those places would deserve him.
  6. Yes you thought that on his election day. Remember. When you took down your American Flag from the front of your house? I'm no fan of Obama but come on.
    Worst. Citizen. Ever.
  7. One of the best presidents ever. Thank goodness we'll get him for four more.

  8. Well when the opposition keeps using such terms as 'odumbo' when referring to a sitting president, I guess the educated electorate will have 4 more years.

    So far he can't be called the 'best' or even close, but perhaps without the constraints of his first 4 years, the House who declared war on him personally, maybe he can actually do a great job.

    I'm really sorry, but all the name calling, photo shop posters, socialism talking points, birthers, muslim haters, and all that just reminds me of a bunch of punk kids who hate the guys in school who do well academically and in sports. You know who I mean, 'those guys.' Like the car club guys in American Graffitti, even funnier, they called themselves the 'Pharaohs' although they had no idea what a Pharaoh was. They never really make it in the real world, get lost in their biases and hatred, and we see them pop up on 'Jaywalking' and other reality interviews. Very sad.

    And, no, I'm not generalizing about all the righties here on ET. Actually some pretty smart guys, but the bias and hatred still shows through.

  9. 377OHMS


    He'll head back to Chicago and cash in, maybe become an alderman or mayor. He'll write books celebrating his greatness and achievements as president. His bitchy wife will abuse secret service agents and take a patronage job as a hospital adminstrator or something similar for alot of money and not much work. Liberals will lament about their years in power and how they saved the auto industry, averted a great depression and tamed the rising seas.

    S'ok, just a long as he leaves Washington DC. I'm hoping Obamacare is repealed too. We need both things to happen.
  10. I can say 'ok' get rid of 'obamacare' in the current form. A real healthcare plan, single payer, will hopefully bring the US into the top 5 countries in that regard. He let down the public by not pushing harder to get the other 50% of the population covered by a single payer. Like the half who are already on single payer plans, medicare, federal, military, states, city, and all the rest who enjoy such care.

    In his second 4 years, unless something really dramatic happens, Jeb or Christie maybe, he can hopefully do the things that need to be done. He has some great victories, that the right will never admit to of course, and some not so good things (too much regulation in many cases), but without re-election restraints, hopefully more action.

    Really sorry you feel that you 'need' both of those things to happen. Not likely of course, but it's weird that you feel so strongly about it. I know all the talking points, but since I think we try to be 'real people' here, it just makes me concerned about all the hatred of the President. And, yes, many on the left said horrible things about Mr. Bush, my only real concern was the unneeded wars.

    If Romney were to win, I would adjust to the fact, and respect the man and the office. I might not have voted for him, but I won't hate him as a person. Not sure I can say the same if Santorum were to make, j/k. Harder to deal with, but again, if he were our President, I would adjust.

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