O'Donnell: China plotting to take over USA

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  1. WASHINGTON – Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell of Delaware said in a 2006 debate that China was plotting to take over America and claimed to have classified information about the country that she couldn't divulge.

    O'Donnell's comments came as she and two other Republican candidates debated U.S. policy on China during Delaware's 2006 Senate primary, which O'Donnell ultimately lost.

    She said China had a "carefully thought out and strategic plan to take over America" and accused one opponent of appeasement for suggesting that the two countries were economically dependent and should find a way to be allies.

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    Anyone who votes for Christine O'Donnell is not rational.
  3. Planning? They already have! What now, round eye?:cool:
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  5. Must be using Reagan's advisory from the stars.
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    Good one! You're really brilliant to figure that one out!
  7. Thank you! [​IMG]
  8. FOREWARNING!!!! If you do NOT want to read a RANT...especially one along Biblical lines...then move along!

    There are not "countries" and "political systems" and all such crap! The world political systems are mostly controlled by a group of fallen angels. God has ultimate control, but He largely lets these fallen angels control the "political systems." (This is soon coming to an end...when Satan and his band are thrown out of heaven.) As I have written here before...Iran gets its cues from Washington - go do a search for "Mark Edmond Clark Ahmadinijad" - you should get something like -> http://webcache.googleusercontent.c...d+clark+ahmadinejad&cd=11&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us Clark wrote the first draft for "Iran's letter to Bush" and Clark wrote the first draft of Ahmadinijad's letter to the UN? WTF is a professor at Columbia and a member of the "Council on Foreign Relations" doing writing speeches for Iran???? Why did China ask the US how they should respond to US economic actions? Don't think they did??? Check out this link -> http://noir.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aKp9wybwC4HM Leon Trotsky helped fund communism with cash from Wall Street - Trotsky tried to smuggle over $10,000 US out of America...an act of treason during WWI...Joe Kennedy helped get Trotsky off (at least that is how I remember it in Griffin's "The Creature from Jekyll Island")!?!?!? Try doing a web search on the Babylonian Mystery religion...you'll begin to understand...

    End of Rant