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  1. Hi,

    anybody has any experience with them ?
    Are they a true STP broker ?

    Please share your experience with me as I am considering opening an account with them.

    Many thanks in advance

  2. Depends on the account size. The option for the small account is just a white label for a Market Maker from what I've heard. I haven't heard anything bad about them on the prime broker side though.
  3. Cybren


    My experiences have been ok. But ofcourse it all depends on size, strategy etc.

    They do pay intrest on deposit and have decent spreads. Also spreads are dealable for at least 10-40 lots a clip.

    Have no idea what will happen if you start scalping.

    Rollovers/swaps are ok, not great, platform is very basic and old fashioned but as one is probably using charting etc from onother source that's no biggie.
  4. thanks guys
  5. so how about their mini account ?

    Can give it a try ?
  6. Cybren


    Sure, their mini account is ok, same as their retail bigger account. Make sure you get the right spreads. They have an option for 2 pips on EURO and USD/JPY and 3 on Cable for example.
  7. Thanks Cybren

    I wish u all the best in your trading
  8. Cybren


    Same to you!
  9. twinx


    Where can I see the interest rates? I dont find something on the website and also not in the ODL Trader Client...
  10. Moe27


    if you use there mt-4 you can right click on the marketwatch window click symbols highlight the currency pair you want then click on properties this will give you the swap rate and other things. this can be done on any mt-4 broker platform.
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