Ode To Pump & Dump- ZVUE

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Those of you with ET through all of last year will remember the " Long Shot " thread by Pump and all the nifty little ideas in there perhaps no better than ZVUE which stoney put out there undr a buck and everyone doubled their money except stoney who did the round trip and sold after Christmas. I do that a lot.

    Well this morning thanks to some whispers of Goldman Sachs investing in this tiny $1.30 in the pre company.... I'm looking at it again. To prove myself right? That's always dangerous. I just have to settle down and ask myself- What Would Goldman Sachs To Today?

    Northern Trust Corp, and Wexford Capital also reported initiating positions in ZVUE on December 31, 2007. So basically they all bought as I sold. ~ stoney
  2. You said go all in at $3???????
  3. Well I had my bro in law track down the Goldman purchase it was a pretty lame 30,000 shares, hardly a ringing endorsement; yet a $1.30 company did pas their internal revues... that's got to count for something. There was a trade today from $1.28 to $1.40, the stock is up about 10% $1.35 is the apparent inflection point here, if it can't hold above that it will roll over -if it breaks out, it breaks out all the way to $3.... watching... ~ stoney
  4. I KNOW YOU KNOW the sad history here Pump.
    96 cents to $3.00 and sold at $1.10 or something.- The Fool On The Hill