OddTrader plays ES Collars for vacationers

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  1. Week 10Jan2001 Short 1262.00
  2. Update: A straddle strategy (rather than a collar) should be used for this week.
  3. Updating the last update: Short collar for this week.
  4. Week 17Jan2001 Long 1286.50
  5. Jan 17 2001 SPX closed @ 1329....do you mean 2011?
  6. Yes, thanks! Should read 2011.
  7. if you don't mind more questions...are you buying and selling the ES cash or are you doing Futures options? If futures options what is the price? If it is just the cash then how is this a straddle/strangle/collar strat it just looks like buying and selling the ES..thanks
  8. Please bear with me for this play of es, and take it easy.

    The price 1286.50 was an ES futures March2011 price. The price for its futures options for Feb2011 1285 Call was sold at 21.47.
  9. There are many different structures of Collar strategy that I am currently exploring:
    - Long UL, Sell ATM put & Buy OTM call;
    - Long UL, Sell ATM call & Buy OTM put;
    - Long UL, Sell OTM call & Buy ATM put;
    - Long UL, Sell OTM call & Buy OTM put;
    - Long UL, Sell OTM calll & Buy ITM put;
    - Long 100% UL, Sell 50% OTM call & Buy 100% OTM put;
    - etc;

    You can pick whichever collar strategy (and your preferred strike prices) you like.
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