Odds of aluminum & steel tariffs passing?

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  1. Here4money


    I get the solar panels, it jabs a thumb up tree huggers' eyes, but this one's a bit much.

    Thinking if I should be bailing out of some positions or hold and call it a bluff of a desperate senile mind.


    PS:. Cohen said to be exiting over these tariffs
  2. d08


    Not just about the tariffs.

    It's about to set off a trade war with some countries. One or two will reciprocate and Trump will use that as an excuse to set more tariffs, conveniently forgetting that he started this veering off the status quo.
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  3. vanzandt


    Do you have a link on that? I couldn't find anything.
  4. Chubbly


    Trade wars and tariffs always cause recessions. History shows this to be true.
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  5. gkishot


    What historical recessions do you have in mind?
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  7. zdreg


    tariffs are typical of countries in financial difficulties. the US is insolvent because of excessive debt.
  8. Here4money


    Trump will implement the tariffs under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act, a little-known trade law from 1962. To do that, Trump must claim that steel and aluminum imports hurt the country's national security.

    There's good odds to make a buck on the rebound as the administration is laughed out of court when eventually sued.
  9. qxr1011


    first benefit of the stupid tariffs
  10. zdreg


    Great Depression.
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