Oddness in soybean oil,ZL month may 2019

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Salmin, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Salmin


    I have been using amp broker, and found some thing odd in the chart soybean oil, ZL
    Below is the chart from amp but when i compare with other charting software it seem i cant find any long doji at that particular time
  2. Salmin


    The date is on 19th feb
  3. Specterx


    With Esignal I have the low of that bar as 30.53 and high of 30.55, so looks like you got a bad tick.
  4. Salmin


    What is bad tick
  5. AMP is a broker/fcm, not the data provider/vendor.
  6. Salmin


    Yes i know, my data provider is CQG
    My question is why. ..
  7. 60 min ZL chart from CME site...

    NOTE: data source is CBOT, vs Globex on your chart.

  8. Salmin


    Is there any different between globex and cbot?
    I thought it should the same

  9. I agree, but I'm not 100% sure.... globex is a "marketplace" and CME/CBOT are exchanges which by some definitions, are also marketplaces.

    Even our mismatched examples, why would one say globex and the other cbot? Is it reference to "venue" and not data source? ZL is a globex product, that there is no doubt. Pricing/data source/venue should be crystal clear. But...