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  1. This is a fictional trading journal based on some of the fictional principles of a fictional system called Murrey Math.

    A few details of the fictional system can be found here.


    My purpose will be to post fictional charts that fit the description of the fictional system.

    A Murrey "training" stock is IBM.

    It is ready to fall.

    A short will be made if it opens and trades one tick lower.

    Stop will be dependent on the open and will be posted when this becomes available.

    For the silly ones out there, this is a work of fiction, and is not to be taken as gospel.

    So anything that you do based on these fictional accounts is your problem.

    On with this fictional story.

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  2. Finally, the truth of the fiction will come out.
  3. The most volatile stock with a MM sell setup is once again IBM, as
    well as COF, Capitol One Financial. Very sharp runup here with COF.
    IBM is within 1/8 of a double top, with the first top being at 12/02.

    The most volatile stock with MM buy setup is AZO, Autozone. This
    stock is also showing a double bottom, with the first bottom being
    on 12/13, and the second bottom being two days ago.

    The next most volatile stock with MM buy setup is APA, Apache Corp.
    This one has been trading all over the place, with lots of tall
    candles and gaps, so be careful.

    The next one of interest is GS, Goldman Sachs. It is showing a
    double top against the MM 8/8 line of it's square. Very nice and
    clean setup.

    CYMI, Cymer Inc., showing a double top against it's +1/8 line of
    39.06. The double top is over a month wide, so I may have to pan
    out a bit to see it.

    WFT, Weatherford Intl, is showing a nice buy setup, after a four day
    vertical fall.

    EOP, Equtity Office Products, another buy setup, after a four day
    vertical fall. It is also showing a double bottom.

    COP, Conoco Phillips, is showing a nice buy setup, after a five day
    vertical fall.

    AYE, Allegheny Energy, looks like a blow-off, and a good sell set up.
  4. Oddiduro is a new trader, and has a small account. Therefore, he should not risk more than 10% on any one trade.

    He will start with an account of 3000.

    He will not increase his trading lot until his account has doubled.

    This arrangement will give Oddiduro the chance to make 10 concecutive losses before he must refund his account.

    If oddiduro follows the rules, he will not lose ten trades in a row.
  5. If that is true then oddiduro will have to stop after 9 consecutive losses and never trade again (if he follows his rules).
  6. Oddidiot refers to himself by name in the third person.

    I did some research on this, and found the following:

    Dear Evan: Someone just recently wrote a column about Senator Robert Dole's propensity to refer to himself not as "I" or "me" but as "Bob Dole." There must be a name for someone who does this. I am familiar with the editorial "we" -- which some wag said should only be used by royalty, newspaper editors, or persons with parasitic infestation -- but didn't realize there might be a word that describes one who refers to himself in the third person, or I suppose by his own name, as Dole does continuously. Is his use of his own name the same as using the third person and does this qualify him as an "illeist"? That word is hard to find except in the Oxford English Dictionary or Latin dictionaries but describes one who makes much use of the pronoun "he," or writes of himself as "he." -- George Bower, via the internet.

    Link to above excerpt: http://www.greenapple.com/~words1/back-s.html

    I also found a synonym for "illeist" in the Oxford English Dictionary On line.

    That synonym was: Oddiduro.
  7. Hey, let's give him a break... at least he's being honest with being a paper trader, now...

    Hypothetical... great... I hope this journal lasts a while...

    Or is he trying to out-call surf... who knows...

    Also, he's obviously a paper trader... doesn't know money management or position sizing... funny stuff... He's a beginner so he'll use 10% risk... LOL...
  8. nkhoi


    prob come from W. D. Gann's course "HOW TO TRADE"
  9. That is correct, 9 losses in a row, and it is over for Oddiduro.

    By the end of the story, he will mulitply his capitol by a factor of 10.
  10. That is also correct, the rules are from Gann. MM explolates the rules from Gann and makes them better.
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