Oddball Currency Question

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hanseng1, May 20, 2004.

  1. My father wants to fill the trunk of his car with playmoney (he's become strange in his old age......I don't even ask anymore). I started to think about it and it occured to me that play money would be relatively expensive. A stack of 100 bills will likely sell for $2 or more, making each bill two cents at the minimum.

    My question is what is the lowest dollar-valued currency with a bill demonination of 1 unit? Something like the Korean Won would be perfect (at 1170 units per dollar) but what is the lowest bill value? What about the Scandenavian countries or South Africa?

    I suggested simply copying the moeny and printing it himself, but he wants it to be high-quality.
  2. How about Indonesian Rupiah or Venezuelan Bolivars

    Takes more than 2 Bolivars to a Won and more than 7 Rupiah
  3. Not sure if I understand correctly...but the USD-Vietnam Dong is trading at $1=15,771

    Is that what you mean? If not, then perhaps I'm the next in line to fill my trunk with money...:)
  4. Actually I was referring to the smallest denominated paper money. For instance, is the lowest Won a one Won bill, or is it a 5000 Won bill?

    Yen would be more than cheap enough, but the lowest bill is 500 yen I think.