Oddball Currency Question

Discussion in 'Politics & Religion' started by hanseng1, May 20, 2004.

  1. My father wants to fill the trunk of his car with playmoney (he's become strange in his old age......I don't even ask anymore). I started to think about it and it occured to me that play money would be relatively expensive. A stack of 100 bills will likely sell for $2 or more, making each bill two cents at the minimum.

    My question is what is the lowest dollar-valued currency with a bill demonination of 1 unit? Something like the Korean Won would be perfect (at 1170 units per dollar) but what is the lowest bill value? What about the Scandenavian countries or South Africa?

    I suggested simply copying the moeny and printing it himself, but he wants it to be high-quality.
  2. How about Indonesian Rupiah or Venezuelan Bolivars

    Takes more than 2 Bolivars to a Won and more than 7 Rupiah
  3. Not sure if I understand correctly...but the USD-Vietnam Dong is trading at $1=15,771

    Is that what you mean? If not, then perhaps I'm the next in line to fill my trunk with money...:)
  4. Actually I was referring to the smallest denominated paper money. For instance, is the lowest Won a one Won bill, or is it a 5000 Won bill?

    Yen would be more than cheap enough, but the lowest bill is 500 yen I think.