Odd things surrounding Bin Ladens death.

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  1. #1. Body was buried at sea hours after recovering it.

    #2. CBS news reported they used a DNA test to confirm it was bin laden which is suspicious because everywhere else in the world it takes 24-48 hours to confirm a DNA test, yet apparently navy seals have field test dna kits with samples of bin ladens DNA to compare it to and can have the results within minutes.

    #3. Islamic message boards are dead quiet. When a predator drone makes a strike in that part of the world, the message boards light up like wildfire, yet their leader is killed and its dead silence. It would be like if the president was killed and nobody reported it.

    #4. There is a fake death photo of bin laden going around on the internet.


    I'm not saying its a conspiracy, but there are some legitimate questions that need to be answered.
  2. Much like Odumbo's birth certificate [fake]... and everything else surrounding him.
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    If it were'nt true Osama would be putting out a video with him holding a current newspaper establishing his health. I've no doubt we got him.
  4. I wanted to add that the sea is over 750 miles from where bin laden was killed. Seems pretty fast that they killed him, got his dna tested, Loaded him in a plane, flew him 750 miles, unloaded the plane, put him on a ship, drove the ship out several miles and then dumped his body in the sea within a few hours.

    The military doesnt do anything fast, but for some reason, they got this done at breakneck speeds.
  5. If no video or unimpeachable picture of Osama is presented the whole thing is a scam (as expected) If Obama says "we got him and confirmed by DNA" are we supposed to just take his word for it? If people do just that, they are the most naive people on Earth.

    In reality, Osama has been long ago dead.
  6. What if, "now that they think I'm dead, they'll stop searching for me"? This more likely, me thinks, if applicable.
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    Yes sir. Put the evidence up for all to see, like was done with Saddamm Hussein. The only excuse they would have would be a burned out building, rendering the body unrecognizable. I have not seen or heard anything yet, that removes all doubt.
  8. Hell...it was even done for his sons uday and kusay and they even shaved their faces just to prove it. Pretty much every major bad guy killed has a death photo, the but most famous one doesnt?
  9. There's no logical reason for the Obama adminstration to fake bin Laden's death. A hoax like this would unravel within days. As was pointed out in a previous post, all bin Laden would have to do is make a video holding a newspaper dated after his "alleged" death.

    Bin laden is dead. Period.
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    You think he's hanging out with Elvis?
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