Odd lot order execution I bet no one can answer

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  1. Bid 20.10 * 20.20

    You'll often see prints outside the NBBO like @ 19.85 for an odd lot amount of shares? Why is this?

    are odd lots not subject to reg NMS?
  2. What exchange?
  3. several exchanges
  4. bespoke


    delayed print probably
  5. definitely not a delayed print. I have the genesis data feed and unless they are really really delayed like yesterday there is no way.
  6. third market. we're secondary market. third mkt works quite differently.....it's more like exchange of hands. If i could've gotten those prints, i'd be a billionaire lol
  7. Lucky


    could be delayed in the sense "oops we missed a couple hundred shares from a transaction, better print those" or off-exchange transactions that can be reported whenever they feel like it that trading day :)
  8. lescor


    Odd lots aren't reported on the tape except for very high priced stocks. Do you have a screen shot of t&s?
  9. ecritt


    I've been through this before; found out that odd lot orders are paired up with other odd lot orders. This process is kept separate from round lot orders and often times has different supply/demand realities.
  10. FCCT


    Ive tried to transfer shares from 1 account to another, a mixed lot on arca, heres what happened.

    Account A: Long 635 shares
    Account B: Bid 635 shares

    When A hit B, All of A shares were gone, but B only recieves 600...

    Back in the day I know specialists would eat up all the odd lots, maybe some exchanges using the same theory now.
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