october worst month to date for HFs

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  1. some got smoked rather badly...
  2. The Schindler fund was up 14%...nice month Aaron.
  3. Aaron


    Thank you, Longhorns!

    Now, if we can just keep our streak of never having lost money during November alive... :)

    Aaron Schindler
    Schindler Trading
  4. also - many of the hedge funds did not have the powerful oil long play to lean back on in October {like they did in previous months} as oil continued to slide down from the highs.

  5. wow 14% for the month --- excellent work --- now that is some exceptional fund performance!

  6. like i have been saying ---- the "liquidity war" has left some carnage behind. :)
  7. Aaron


    Thanks, MacroEvent! The final return for October was actually +15.2%.

    I get nervous when it gets late in the year like this and the trading is modestly positive for the year to date. A couple down months could turn this into a down year and I would hate to see that happen. But on the other hand, we're getting paid to trade and even worse would be to sit out the market and miss any potential upside. So the trading continues and I cross my fingers. Trading is the best job you'll ever hate.

    Aaron Schindler
    Schindler Trading
  8. yes i understand --- october was my best month of the year after a real strong august and september --- so far in november i am right about at my normal monthly running average and in december i will pull things back a bit and take some time off to enjoy the holidays.

    2005 had some new twists {what i call the "liquidity war"} that have at the least expanded the daily ranges and at times brought on some decent volatility, so it has turned out to be a very good year imo. i am getting a strange feeling though we will have a 2006 that will be very wild {additional increasing volatility} and that should be good for traders.

    best of luck to you and your fund as we close out the year!


  9. yes but you have to be in to win! :eek:
  10. To quote Jessie Livermoore:

    There is a fool who sayd and does the wrong thing all the time and then there is the Wall Street fool who thinks he has to trade all the time.

    Thank you for your unavoidable donation to the markets.

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