October Swing Trade Mentorship

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  1. Learn to stop losing money day trading and start adding consistency to your account with systematic swing trading.

    The October Swing Trade Mentorship registration ends this Friday (10/5)
    **Space is limited due to mentoring**

    Includes up to 1 hour of phone mentoring.
    4 Live Training Sessions
    12 weeks telegram support

    The purpose is to teach you how to generate your own swing trade ideas by using a systematic method. You will learn what to expect when managing an open position, and when to take profits. After the 1 month mentoring program you will also receive 12-weeks of telegram based support before sending you out on your own.

    Class meets Sunday night to review trade setups for the week ahead. Participants will be encouraged to call in and ask questions as we expect this to be highly interactive. We will focus on turning your weaknesses into strengths.

    • 4 Highly Interactive Live Stream Training sessions with Trade Setup ideas for the week ahead.
    • Up to 1 Hour 1-on-1 phone call
    • 12-weeks post telegram based support
    Class Schedule:
    Oct 7 | 9PM EST
    Oct 14 | 9PM EST
    Oct 21 | 9PM EST
    Oct 28 | 9PM EST

    If you cannot attend all meetings you may send a question into the group and a replay will be available.


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    Telegram??? Get with the times and use a FAX. :rolleyes:
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    To be fair, he was speaking of the Telegram app thingy...

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    Can you post all your live trade results for the last 3 months for anyone that might be interested as 99.99% of people trying to sell a service, can't Trade profitably.
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  5. Class is filled to capacity, thanks guys.
  6. 1 spot opened up for October Swing Trade Mentoring Program

    See below for prior broker supplied performance

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