October-November wipeout

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Here4money, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Here4money


    Post your horror stories, we're your support group.
  2. schweiz


    You mean financial support group????? :D
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  3. wrbtrader


    I think too many traders underestimated the impact of the markets by all of the politics (e.g. mid-term elections) that was being hyped in October and then peaking the first week of November. It is a market tendency in which someone can see in the historical data of prior mid term elections.

    Now that its all over, volatility is starting revert back to its mean.

    Traders too consumed by the politics while trading...dangerous thing to do. Hopefully this group will prepare you for the next trading into the mid term elections.

  4. I switched out of growth stuff in August/September or so in my passive account, still up 10% on the year.
  5. SteveM


    Stayed flat for the run-up over the last 2 years - didn't "believe" in the Trump-twitter-pump rally.

    Bought the recent mid-term dip like a good, "disciplined" trader.

    Found out I was left holding the bag.

    Hurts man.
  6. maxinger


    Post your horror stories ?

    hmmmm. Post your great success stories please.
  7. Maverick1


    Did you over-ride your system rules in doing that?
  8. schweiz


    Probably there are more horror stories then great success stories. So easier to find people who post. :D
    On top of that great success stories will be considered as fake. Better for the ego of most people. They prefer to hear horror stories, ............... like theirs.

    Support groups need other people that give you the impression you are not the loser, they are.
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  9. maxinger


    good point mister.

    Those who already earnt tons of money and have reached financial freedom probably stopped trading, and are going round the world for holiday.
  10. No. The passive account has no system
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