october lows

Discussion in 'Trading' started by man, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. man


    uk already below october lows.
    germans quickly on the way.
    us turned around.

    i find it funny that the substantially most frightening stock market - japan - currently ignores the rest.

    is this the beginning of double dip, leading the dow towards 6.000?

    are there any bulls left?

    just curious, i do not trade on that kind of move.
  2. qdz2


    YES. I think the bullish opinions are stronger than ever. Just let me remind you that we are in the 4th down year. What is the mega market cycle? If this is an exception, well who cares. I won't be there to bet on an exception if this takes longer than it usually did.


  3. omcate


    Give them a break. Nikkei 225 is near the 20-year now.

  4. man


    I see your point. It is just my feeling that there is still a lot of rather threatening developments going on ...
  5. man


    right. and it could be that their trouble is already discounted.
  6. Trajan


    Yeah, the Nikkei goes down on profit taking.