October lows are in for 2006.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by myminitrading, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. But its August, yes it is but its an election year , the market will peak in November, just in time for the elections, you better figure this out folks if you plan on trading for a living, the party in power will make darn sure everything is roes this fall.

    Gas prices will start falling, all you will here is the national average for gas is down down down.

    The Iraq war well their is not much our crooked politicians can do about that, but they will say just look at the Dow its at an all time high, and it will be, mark my words.

    The nasdaq nope no new high, the SP nope no new high, but the Dow, yes quite easy to manipulate 30 compared to 500.

    Get on board choo choo!
  2. Really? Lows are in? Wow, how prescient. I thought you were contractually bound not to post?
  3. short gas
  4. oh I forgot . . . buy HO
  5. SPX 1325 is a potential double top AND also 162% Fib projection off the major 1,2,3 of June - August swing. That is the big sell-stop magnet hovering above right there. We'll see what happens if/when that big mark is hit