October Cotton

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    I know it is an illiquid serial month but I can't see why October should be at a premium to dec and jul...

    Jul: 0.8456 Oct: 0.8596 Dec:0.8544

  2. 1) A "stale quote" in October? :confused:
    2) It should "iron out" on the close. :cool:
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    No stale quote. Last trade today oct 1.29 over dec.
  4. 1) What volume are you showing in October compared to December? :confused:
    2) Does cotton still have a trading pit or "ring"? Have your firm contact the floor to get a spread quote for July/October and October/December. :cool:
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    Dec : 3250 lots traded today
    Oct : 12 lots traded:D ( I thought it was still more than that even if nobody trades october )

    I don't know if there is still a cotton futures pit but I doubt it. The quote I gave was electronic.