October, bk laws changing, another black October Crash setup?

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  1. Ok with hurricane katrina already sinking the economy, high oil costs, and now everybody declaring bankruptcy before the crucial october date for bankruptcy laws changes, will this be the final straw that will trigger a crash. Similar to the mini crash in 1989.
  2. Together with the minimum credit card payments doubling.....

  3. Pabst


    That may wind up being a paramount issue with consumers.
  4. The possiblilities are mindboggling. I dont know how you swingtraders do it. Trying to figure out where its going beyond the next few minutes seems impossible to me.
  5. almost like a financial katrina forming in the gulf.
  6. "markets climb a wall of worry."
  7. another worry is that from weather analytics is that 3 more weather fronts in the atlantic is builiding up into 3 more potential hurricanes. If just one hits the gulf again, it would be over for the entire oil industry there. The refinaries and their pipelines wont hold. If just one more hits, it would mean 120$ barrel oil.


  8. It's getting more difficult with each week that passes.

    I also agree a recession is due but October would be too obvious.
  9. ========
    October is still hurricane season also.

    Actually swing traders look at so many daily, monthly charts;
    10 minute charts are not considered much,
    only for precision entry/exit.

    Also a weakness , however of end of day swing trading ;
    Oct 87 type crash can hurt technical swing traders ,
    who trade end of day,
    fortunately crashes dont happen that often.

    1987 was an mostly up year also;
    airlines were kind to polar bears in 1987, however.

    Frankly OCT is one of the weakest months for tek stocks, by far;
    but even with with that weakness & occasional OCT crash ,
    last 4 of 5 years was up for QQQQ in OCT..

    Some thing else that could favor polar bears, for a time, even though its still a bull market in SPY & QQQQ;
    hurricanes, earthquakes,tornados, floods,famine, locusts tend to keep persistantly pounding parts of nation at least for a season anyway.

    Divide your merchandise amoung 7, 8 ventures maybe ;
    you dont know what evil maybe on the earth-
    Solomon,trader king
  10. Wise indeed...

    Divide your merchandise amoung 7, 8 ventures maybe ;
    you dont know what evil maybe on the earth-
    Solomon,trader king
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