October 2nd 2006, Black Monday?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dan05, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. romik


    There are times when markets are news driven, no system can predict that. Also, I am not certain, but did the system predict some sort of Black Monday or a decline?

    EDIT: I think looking at the initial chart, the system predicted a head and shoulder pattern, which hasn't happened as the DOW continued to the upside. What was the reasoning, i don't know.
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  2. blk


    Dan05's latest DJIA "prediction" was posted yesterday. Just scroll up a few posts. (I dont know how to link to his attachment, else I would've posted it here).

    According to his chart, the Dow should be around 16000 today. But its at new highs instead - this is not even a possibility in his system's "prediction".

    Dan, care to update the system's "prediction"?
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  3. dan05


    Hi BLK,

    Attached the update from the system. Check how it changed the prediction with respect to the original I posted, computing the last market days activity.

    There is still a down trend probability. Seems logical to have a market correction the following week.

    Take care

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  4. Buy1Sell2


    Great call!!
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  5. Buy1Sell2


    You did get out of these right?
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  6. blk


    There have been too many people starting - "this is the top" threads. Now we can add Dan's "predictor system" to that list too :p
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  7. Now, everyone is bullish (just about).
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  8. frank99


    Ok, it's official. Now, I'm bullish.

    In fact, I bet most people have switched to a bullish position. Some are later than others. Myself included. LOL

    Now that most are bullish, does this mean we are going to be heading into a bear market?

    BTW, I saw the charge, and the prediction system was updated recently to include "anything can happen" LOL.

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  9. S2007S


    After seeing many bears switch to bull mode I think im leaning towards going long this week too.

    Im short and actually thinking of adding some long positions:

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