October 2nd 2006, Black Monday?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dan05, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. dan05


    Hi Everyone,

    As some followers know, I've been following a market predictor system that seems to predict with certain accuracy the markets.

    I generally disregard swing trading strategies, as I only daytrade. But as the system also issues a 20 day prediction, and I know there are some swing traders in ET, I wanted to share with you the following chart.

    The same pattern is predicted in almost 50 different markets, so I would be aware of a Black Monday for Oct2nd.

    Take care !

  2. kemikaL


    oh noes :mad:

    you said it has been accurate in the past moderately.. can you give some examples..?
  3. You've got to lose 10-15% to call it black monday. That looks like 450 points from where we are now which is around 4%. That's a beatdown, but it's no black monday.
  4. rzepe93


    SPZ6 to 1352 first, i'm not ruling out a decent size sell off since treasuries look like we could see some downside over the next few days to weeks
  5. dan - hey, finally got around to checking the site out more. Your posts are some great testimonials for them, you should email them and ask for your fees to be waived!! I can only imagine how many ET'ers are checking the site out.

    If it weren't for your posts I wouldn't even give this a 2nd look, but since you are posting in real time and it has looked alright recently, it's worth a glance. I was expecting it be more expensive though, that's for sure. $195/quarter does not seem like much at all. Which then begs the question - why is this thing so cheap if it is this accurate?

    I appreciate your posts and updates, so please keep them coming. I always like learning about new stuff!
  6. i dont buy into this whole crash stuff.

    But i am loaded long in Oil and Short in SP. Its almost an arbitrage scenario, oil goes up and itll break the back of the US economy. US Economy goes UP then oil will rise as well as US is the largest consumer of oil in the world.
  7. I suspect, significant corrections will fall early on this one, ie, not on a monday, later in a week prior to this date.

    If there's to be anything resembling something truly nasty, it will be a day or two either side of november 3.
  8. why nov 3rd?

    personally, i feel there is too much complacency in the markets right now - no terrorist or nuke-wielding country to balance things out....
  9. dan05


    Hi Kemikal,

    Sorry for answering late.

    Yes, I have many examples.

    Check this.

    The black line is the prediction the red line is what finaly happened.

  10. dan05


    This is an update of the daily prediction from www.tradingpro.com

    As I said I generally trade intraday, so my positions are always closed at night. Still, the daily prediction is showing some bearish probability.

    Any thoughts?

    Check what I've posted a week ago, and todays prediction.

    Hope the system is wrong, for my dear swing traders.

    Take care
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