October 2008 how was everyones month

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    I had a terrible month and i mean bad...i was just wondering how everone did this month and what they thought about oct.

  2. I did well, but will put alot of it down to luck. I just had a baby daughter, born 25th September, so was very distracted helping out with her, so i never had any over night positions and traded fewer times than i would have and tended to only trade after extreme moves and it all just fell into place; P/L wise.
  3. more than doubled my best month ever
  4. Decent month.
    No overnight.
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    been a good 2 months..ive traded this crash well...conservative scalping in and out with 10-40 cent moves only...going for and hitting singles only...waiting patiently only for sure-thing setups...absolutely no overnight holds...Dont beat yourself up if you havent done well-this is an extremely insane market.Some people do well others not in this insanity.Sit it out til things settle or paper trade til you get a feel for it.Some will do well others wont thats just the nature of the beast.Everybody gets their turn.Main thing is capital preservation during this time.If you can make some bucks, great. Otherwise stay put til the storm passes.
  6. Best month ever. I"ve turned the corner in my trading.
    May I suggest Suri Duddella's book "Trade Chart Patterns like the Pros" ?
    That's what helped me the most. And a little discipline.:)
  7. Very volatile month. I had to cut a couple strategies including overnight. Even with that the intraday trading more than made up for the lost strategy.
  8. Easy setups, limited profit potential. Most of the "juice" has already been squeezed from stocks.
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    Yes ...i guess that the month has been a crazy ride...

    i got to just get me head out of my butt ..stop feeling bad for myself and get back on that horse and take one trade at a time

    stop looking for homeruns
    get back to the basics

    thanks for everyone help
  10. I lost my ass.

    I've heard of 95% of all traders are not profitable. Well according to this thread it seems like 95% of traders ARE profitable
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