October 19th 2010 = watch out

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    You heard it here first. October 19th 2010 = watch out. The biggest one day drop ever in the stock markets will take place.
  2. lol ok
  3. Why? Any reasons?
  4. Full moon is on the 22nd, a Sat. :)
  5. I say Joe has had one sixpack too many. [​IMG]
  6. From now until then, how much are you putting on the line to take advantage of this? How are you positioning yourself?

  7. piezoe


    So obviously, Joe, you are totally in cash ($10) waiting for your opportunity on the 19th. Good luck with that!

    (Or alternatively, you may have programmed your computer to dump 200 million shares on the market in ten minutes on the 19th. Clever, and good luck with that too! :D)
  8. I think that's the day my car payment is due.:eek:
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    Tsing Tao

    its threads like these that earn this site the name of elitetrader.
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