October 13th

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  1. Does anyone have stats for October 13th?

    1, Market rising at lower volume,
    2, Gunners coming back from holiday tomorrow Tuesday,
    3. Superstition on the 13th,
    4. Market at double top,
    5. It is the bad october, and AND
    6. Yours truly just finished a post for his blog following up on what models warned of which is a possible market retreat to take place in 15 hours of trading with count starting on Thursday when models first issued the warning for the Qs.

    Put everything together, and it could be a hell of a bloody battle tomorrow. Public going to sleep nicely today. Tomorrow, they may think it is just another day. Later they might remember it for a long time.

    It could also be a day to slaughter bears if the market breaks up. Some say it might better to stand on the side, and watch how it goes.

    It would be good to know ET majority view, and fade it?
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    Friday is expiration. That will dictate and there will be pinning. By Wednesday the market is usually positioned where it needs to be for expiration.
  3. 11:52AM October 13, 2009: I am fading this upmove.
  4. '09 is not a normal year. Oct '09 won't be a normal October. Tuesday the 13th ain't Friday the 13th. Feel free to give money to the market.
  5. Did U check what happened at 11:52AM? Of course my post of 11:52AM, but did you check the market at that time and afterwards.

    For instance, pull the chart of WYNN, and highlight the prices between 11:52AM and now which is 12:35M.

    PS: other than ET, what do U read in relation to markets?
  6. That is the exact top (so far) in time and price! So priceless.

    I just ate some profits to pay for stops on what is left, and to eat some profits.

    That is it. I will let you fight! Will check towards end of day.
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    Calling market tops is not a profitable proposition. Why not keep your powder dry for the real thing. You will learn this the hard way or you will run out of money first. Good luck.
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    That was a nice trade! How long did you hold?
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    Personally, if I were to trade based on dates, I would prefer Monday October 19th. Like as in 1987, when October 19th was also on a Monday.
    (I like October 19th, 2007 also)
  10. why is it the 95 percent of posts on this site are basically 'your idea is no good, but i cant tell you what my idea is?'
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