oct 28 or oct 27 experiation?

Discussion in 'Options' started by trader198, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. yahoo says oct 27 but my IB shows oct 28?

    already longed 30 contracts of V CALL

    tempt to long some BIDU for thursday play

    intutively I should trust IB, but the yahoo bothers me, would you bother to clarify it
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    what do you think about AMD?
  3. not worth trading AMD option.

    so far my V option is doubled, bught at the moment it fell through 90. play earning is a totally gambling. bought at 0.5 95 call, if wrong my 1500 buck is flashed into tolioet. may take out half before closing to make sure I win definitely or the worst break even
  4. Friday, October 28 is the last day of trading, you will be able to close the position on that day.

    BIDU Earnings - Oct 27 - Very Juicy
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    You can gamble on earnings, but this is not what i would do. I would assess the information on the company to gather evidence for or against a strong earnings and then look at things like what kind of volatility is priced into the options, and where has the stock been trading lately. Will a great earnings report push it past a new high which it is significantly down from or a new low, etc. What kind of information can i gather from the market. Is this companies competitor seem to be taking their market share, have their services or products been forced to sell at a loss or significant discount to what they would like to sell at? Have similar companies in this field seen significant increase or decrease in sales that they have reported, etc. Are this companies products and services sold out? And many other pieces of information. Also i look at the indices for the general momentum that is currently affecting stocks. Most of the time you won't be able to obtain information like this for a stock so don't make an earnings play for this stock pick a different one... It would seem like the trade you took is a gamble as well though.