Ocommunist won, now lets talk civil war

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    Who's prepared for civil war? It's coming. What will you be doing to survive it?
  2. They only have 1% of CA votes in (and have romney ahead 53%) and the news are already saying CA belongs to Obama.
  3. You talk about you are the marine fighting for rights of the USA. You talk about freedom. But now you want to fight and kill people because you lose in the election in the USA?
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    Bitch, I fight for what our Founding Fathers wanted of THEIR Country.
  5. You are fucking insane
  6. No, he's just stupid and bitter, a sad way to live a life.
  7. Before any talk of war we should make every effort to extend the olive branch and work this out for the good of the country. If a cynical old bastard like myself is willing, we all should make a stab at it. That goes for both sides. Congress needs to grow the F up and get on with the job. Obama needs to be the peacemaker and that will require more than another good speech. He needs to get these guys in a room and make it happen. I will give it some time to develop before going off on anymore rants. Man up America, we got work to do.
  8. We have Realty TV, Sports (NFL etc..), Facebook and texting,movie star drama. The masses will stay entertained, no civil war.
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    Very well said.
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    You're almost certainly right. For now the sheeple are content enough to bury their head in the sand and ignore reality.
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